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Christine Palm Shaughness is an author and lecturer on various subjects pertaining to animals.

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Chris Shaughness has worked for animals for over 17 years, first as a pet massage therapist/Reiki provider, then as a certified pet behavior specialist and trainer, and as an executive in animal shelters. She is presently the Executive Director of MCPAW (Montgomery County Partners for Animal Well-Being) and the volunteer District Leader in Maryland District 2 for the Humane Society of the United States.

In 2014, Chris published her newest book, Leadership in Animal Welfare Organizations: Using Positive Dog Training Philosophies to be Better Leaders. The book is based on Chris’s many years of experience working and volunteering for animal shelters and rescue organizations, friends and colleagues’ experiences, as well as Chris’s years as a manager in the information systems industry.

The huge numbers of homeless animals are depending on us to help them. This means that animal welfare organizations need excellent leaders to ensure that the organizations are operating optimally. Leadership in Animal Welfare Organizations discusses what happens to organizations when managers use outdated management styles which alienate employees, volunteers, donors, and supporters. The book identifies what it means to be a good leader, the role of the board of directors, and reviews how the theories of positive reinforcement dog training can be used as a parallel to understanding the need for updating management skills to be better leaders.

Learn how leadership in animal welfare organizations needs to be more like positive dog training methods.

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Published in 2010, Chris wrote Puppy Mill Dogs SPEAK!, the first and only book written by a pet professional to help adopters of puppy mill survivors. The book contains heartwarming stories and comprehensive advice to help the dogs adjust to life outside of the mill.

Through her experiences and education as a pet behavior specialist, dog trainer and pet massage therapist in addition to the countless hours spent volunteering and working for various animal shelters and rescue groups, she has gained a great deal of knowledge about pet and human behavior.

Chris also co-produced the documentary, Uncaged: Second Chances for Puppy Mill Breeder Dogs. Just released is a version for educators which includes an 8-page study guide.

On this site, you will also find a huge selection of behavior articles written by Chris, as well as the DVD Successful Dog Makeovers, which gives advice on common dog behavior problems. Don’t miss her blog, Capers for Canines, which has even more information for animal lovers.

Thank you for visiting and especially, thank you for caring about the animals.

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