Chris Shaughness

author, speaker, animal lover

About Chris

Chris Shaughness spent 25 years in the information systems industry as a manager and consultant before deciding to follow the guidance of the animals. She studied pet massage, dog training, and pet behavior and received certifications in all disciplines. She quit her corporate job and dedicated her life to working with the animals and to being a voice for them.

She is the author of Puppy Mill Dogs SPEAK! Happy Stories and Helpful Advice, the only book written by a pet professional that provides helpful advice for rehabilitating puppy mill surviviors. She has published articles in several magazines, including “April Showers Bring…Thunderstorms?” in Our Havanese magazine and Golden Retriever News. You will find quite a lot of helpful information that Chris has written in the Articles section of this web site and on her blog, Capers for Canines.

Chris is a foster mom for homeless dogs. Here are a few of the dogs who found forever homes after living with her:

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